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Help making your decision

I am glad you take an interest in my instruments!
Are you looking for a personal tool that allows perfect acoustic and artistic rendition of your music?

I have put together the following clues that will help you in your choice of instrument:

  • I build your instrument for you individually, so as to obtain a custom tool that fully satisfies your needs and desires.
  • It doesn’t take years of playing to break in my instruments. Every instrument already develops an impressive sound quality in the first week. The competition viola of 2006 was three weeks old and had about two hours break-in play!
  • You can substantially influence the maturation and character of the tonal colour by the way you play the instrument – a process that my customers time and again find to be a joyful and inspiring experience.
  • Nobody knows the inner workings, idiosyncrasies and needs of an instrument like the one who made it. If desired, I will maintain your instrument, conscientiously. Should you ever have any questions, I will of course be there at your side with help and advice.
  • Last but not least, due to their acoustic qualities, my instruments  'move' easily in the noble circles of their time-honoured colleagues.

Ordering an Instrument

So that I can build you an instrument, it is important for me to have a personal impression of you. I therefore ask you to provide some brief details about yourself and your expectations for your future instrument.

Upon completion of your instrument, I offer you the chance to try it out, with the right to return the instrument within 14 days (except special design and sizes).


Prices on request.
Attractive discount for students!

Additional Services

Every instrument comes with one maintenance of free charge in the first year. This service essentially includes the following work: fingerboard adjustment, instrument cleaning and polishing, peg adjustment and a new sound post with an individual sound adjustment.